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Glasgow – November 5th.

Recently visited Glasgow.
Do you remember Occupy Wall Street? Well, Glasgow didn’t have a Wall Street, but it did have a Sauchiehall Street. ( pronounced with a Scottish ‘ ch ‘ – not as in chips! ) Anyway, I wrote this poem –
Glasgow – 5th November 2011
Occupy Sauchiehall Street
Piss-washed and glistening
Conduits in tinsel-bedecked; razor-wire baubled,
Welcome-garlanded triumphal arches.
Gritty channels of ideas; ideals,
Flow from George’s Square to Prince’s;
From Saint Enoch’s wonder to the Carlton.
Glory to God; Mammon I mean;
And worthies on high in bas-relief.
Mercantile capitalists,
Are witnesses to
The ideals on PA’s mike.
Squares; George’s, Prince’s.
Merchants lofty looking down, ideas removed;
To observe the….
Indignant campers,
Westwood’s and Lacoste nonsense,
And Knox’s legacy,
Worthy and righteous.
Puke too, and shining calves and too-young cellulite,
FM heels and promise-skirts,
And Fawkes’s guys in the smoke-free cock-pits,
So no loneliness here for
We all have;
In the Style Mile.
Where the earnest words;
George’s or Prince’s?
Or St Paul’s? No,
Dame Vivienne speaks them, and so
With those chosen ideals we Arise
To Honour, Prosperity and Happiness.

Introduction to my blog:

Its all about photographs and writing!

I suppose this is an introduction to what I currently envisage this blog is going to cover. At the moment I am exploring new areas of subject matter in photography – new to me that is.

And I am also going to experiment with how poems and other writings might mesh with the photographs I take and publish here.

I am fascinated by the ability of photographs to selectively visually juxtapose the constructed and the ‘ natural ‘; how nature reclaims given any opportunity; how important both aspects of our surroundings are and how we make compromises to get what we need or want out of both of them.

I have a Masters degree in Architecture;  my interest in the built environment has endured over many years.  So, my principal interest is in taking photographs of that subject matter. But….I’m prepared to get diverted.

Lugo, Spain. October 2006