Glasgow – November 5th.

Recently visited Glasgow.
Do you remember Occupy Wall Street? Well, Glasgow didn’t have a Wall Street, but it did have a Sauchiehall Street. ( pronounced with a Scottish ‘ ch ‘ – not as in chips! ) Anyway, I wrote this poem –
Glasgow – 5th November 2011
Occupy Sauchiehall Street
Piss-washed and glistening
Conduits in tinsel-bedecked; razor-wire baubled,
Welcome-garlanded triumphal arches.
Gritty channels of ideas; ideals,
Flow from George’s Square to Prince’s;
From Saint Enoch’s wonder to the Carlton.
Glory to God; Mammon I mean;
And worthies on high in bas-relief.
Mercantile capitalists,
Are witnesses to
The ideals on PA’s mike.
Squares; George’s, Prince’s.
Merchants lofty looking down, ideas removed;
To observe the….
Indignant campers,
Westwood’s and Lacoste nonsense,
And Knox’s legacy,
Worthy and righteous.
Puke too, and shining calves and too-young cellulite,
FM heels and promise-skirts,
And Fawkes’s guys in the smoke-free cock-pits,
So no loneliness here for
We all have;
In the Style Mile.
Where the earnest words;
George’s or Prince’s?
Or St Paul’s? No,
Dame Vivienne speaks them, and so
With those chosen ideals we Arise
To Honour, Prosperity and Happiness.

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