Wulfur-( hampton )

I had a few hours in Wolverhampton. Security was tight if I wanted to go into a smart new tower block, or to the top of a multi-storey car-park to take photos of the city from on high. Security seems to be a growth industry.

Yet, there were no impediments to explore seemingly endless derelict, and half-demolished industrial buildings. In fact, I did meet an informal security guard. 

” You’re not from around here ?”, she asked me as I took photos of a rather profound bit of graffiti on a derelict toilet wall. She wondered what I was doing here, as her son and her bloke scavenged for scrap on a huge vacant yard; fear of being on a screen somewhere seems to be what we’re all in fear of.

” Don’t you f…ing take photographs of me, mate “.

You're Not From Around Here - Wolverhampton, March 2012


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