Essex visit

Mersea Brick detail (1 of 1)

This fine but un-important little brickwork detail is in a garden wall on the Coast Road in West Mersea. I was visiting for a couple of days, as a friend of mine who lived near here, and was an important part of my growing up, recently died. I attended his funeral. It was a warm spring day, and the very small church soon filled up with relatives and local friends. I stood outside and listened to the proceedings that were relayed to the outside world over two small narrow black  loudspeakers on precarious three-legged stands.  

An amusing episode occurred when the vicar forgot the words to a stanza in one of the hymns, and sung ‘ tum ti tum ti tum ‘ instead. It was much more audible to the outsiders than the insiders, as he was all ‘ miked-up ‘, and his voice came over very clear outside, but was muted by the chorus of mumbling inside.Everyone outside sang along and sniggered, looking around at the other visitors.

I took the brickwork detail for granted when I lived in Mersea in 1966, but now I realise how fine it is. A bit like taking friends for granted when they’re immortal and young, and noticing them later on for their worth. I went back to Wales, resolving to pay attention to the detail.


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