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Some of my photographs are in an exhibition in Aberystwyth.  Four other photographers have their work on show too….till the 7th June.


Wrap with aluminium foil

I was reminded of my visit to Kader Attia’s installation in Malaga last year, entitled ‘Ghost’, when I recently saw a photograph of migrants wrapped in emergency foil  ‘blankets ‘. Attia’s work was created to depict Muslim women at prayer.

However, I found the similarity of his work and this photograph striking; and this similarity was more about the overall scene as opposed to the precise message; gallery visitors walk past the installation, casually observing it,  rather like allowing the  ‘migrant crisis’ to be passed-by and not addressed in any significant way. 

Kader Attia's - ' Ghost '.

Kader Attia’s – ‘ Ghost ‘.


Linda Alterwitz is showing some of her photographs in Aberystwyth

I was glad to get to the Gallery Talk by Linda Alterwitz and Ruth Thomas last night in Aberystwyth. They were opening a joint exhibition.

Linda Alterwitz is showing a number of photographs which layer physical landscapes with normally unseen human landscapes….those that are revealed by technological means – scans and x-rays.

These are intriguing. Its a show worth going to.


Linda Alterwitz and some images from her project  " While I Am Still ".

Linda Alterwitz and some images from her project
” While I Am Still “.









RPS 158th International Print Exhibition – in Aberystwyth


We’re really excited about the RPS exhibition this year because Aberystwyth’s own Tim Strang was shortlisted from nearly…

Posted by Aberystwyth Arts Centre on Thursday, 26 November 2015


This touring exhibition has just opened in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Its on till late January, so go and have a look.


RPS International Print Exhibition 158 – Final Selection

Finalist in the RPS International Print Exhibition.

It is gratifying to be told that an image that I have captured has also been appreciated by others. I suppose that is what it means to me to succeed in this competition. I hope many others also appreciate it, and that the image provokes thought and contemplation.