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more Brelin building detail

Each balcony has a small drain-pipe to prevent ponding of snow-melt in winter and driven rain in summer. The building has stood the test of time well.

Balcony detail; Brelin

Balcony detail; Brelin


Interior – Brelin building

My translation of the 1972 article goes like this:  ” The network of circulation spaces owes its ‘ rustic ‘ appearance  to the flooring of  Vaugirard brick paviours, enhanced through discreet and judicious lighting above each entrance.”  

I like the varnished timber benches and the industrial scale fenestration; on a sunny day it is a gloriously warm place to sit and dream of skiing down the Masse slopes opposite.

Corridor  - Brelin building

Corridor – Brelin building

ski land

The apartment buildings at Brelin, La Croisette in Les Menuires are just over 40 years old.  They were heralded in the March 1972 edition of  the journal of SCIVABEL ( SOCIETE DE CONSTRUCTION IMMOBILIERE DE LA VALLEE DES BELLEVILLE ) as being a visual  ‘ harmonious contrast ‘  –  between  the  whiteness of painted concrete and the darkness of natural  vertical slate hanging on its external elevations. I’m in full agreement! The building looks spectacular – almost like an ocean-going liner, with jutting prow, against the white mountainside.